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Morning Drop-Off Procedures


August 1, 2019


Dear North Primary Families,

 The start of a new school year is a good time to remind everyone of our morning drop off procedures. If you are dropping your child off at the school in the morning, please take a few minutes to review the procedures that we have put in place in order to expedite the process.

*In order to help keep traffic off of School Road in the morning, please loop through the faculty and staff parking lot. Students must unload when your vehicle is under the overhang in front of the school.

*Please have your child exit the vehicle when your car is stopped along the overhang. We ask that you do not wait until you are in front of the main doors.

*Students should have their belongings collected prior to exiting the vehicle. They should exit the vehicle from the door closest to the walkway. (Rear passenger side of the vehicle)

*Please do not get out of your vehicle. If you must exit your vehicle, we ask that you park your vehicle in the parking lot.

*Once your child has exited the vehicle we ask that you immediately exit the drop off area. Do not wait until your child is inside of the school before pulling forward.

*When exiting the drop off area all traffic must turn right onto School Road.

By adhering to the procedures outlines above we are confident that the drop off line will be much quicker and smoother for all involved.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

In Partnership,


Christine Ross